Silk Reeling Principles Course

This course covers five principles that you can apply to deepen your experience with the Silk Reeling Exercises. (They also help with Tai Chi in general!) Those principles are:

  1. Pay Attention To Your Body
  2. Sink Into Your Kua
  3. Open And Close Your Kua
  4. Pay Attention To Your Dantian
  5. Connect Your Body

In each session, we'll go over one of the principles, seeing how to apply it to the Silk Reeling Exercises. We'll then go through the full Silk Reeling Exercise set and the Lao Jia First Form with that principle in mind, and talk about that experience.


This class is intended for people who are already familiar with the Silk Reeling Exercises as practiced in Master Tony Wong's Saturday classes: it's not an introduction to the exercise set. If you're relatively new to leading the exercises at the start of the Saturday class, or if you're are thinking that you might want to start leading those exercises soon, then you'd be a good candidate for the course.

The class will be taught by David Carlton; you can reach him via email at if you have any questions. It will take place on the first Sunday of each month from May through September, with the first class on Sunday, May 5; class will run from 10am to noon. We'll meet in Laurelwood Park in San Mateo, in the section of the park that's down the hill from De Anza Boulevard / Glendora Drive.

This class is still a work in progress (it's only my second time offering it), so I apologize if it's a little rough around the edges! Hopefully people will find it useful; please help me make it better in further iterations of the course.